Digital Art

3D Environments and Props.

Italian Summer Environment

A personal project made in 2020. I took heavy inspiration from various Italian streets, combining the art style from Life is Strange for the bedroom. The scene is rendered in Unity HDRP Pipeline. All the assets were created with Blender and Substance Painter. The only exception are the books which are from the Unity Asset Store.

Sci-Fi Ship

Part of a challenge where I pushed myself to finish an entire environment from scratch within 3 days, using lots of modular pieces.The projects served as visual content for a presentation about 3D Game Graphics.

Low-Poly Stylized Stadium for Mobile VR

A work for a client of mine where I had to create a modular stadium for VR Mobile use. The project was very challenging as there was a performance constraint so I had to use as few polygons as possible, baked lightning and light probes to achieve the desired look.

Dream of Me Environments

Various environments for the first person puzzle adventure game I am developing

Thunderent's Assets

Pictures from various packs I sell on the Unity Asset Store

Various Props

Various props I have created over the years